rowing mistakes

General – Apple pie with whipped cream syndrome

Mistake: Sliding far too slow. This mistake owes its name to the fact that rowers are taught to pronounce the words "Apple pie with whipped cream" during sliding. Also see: Stroke rate and: Rhythm.
Observe: Legs/Seat: look at the legs or seat to determine the ramp speed.
Handle: look at the handle(s) and see extreme contrast between the first section (trunk and arms) and the second section (legs) of the recovery.
Cause: Fear of too little contrast between initial away and sliding or between draw and recover. Idea that the stroke rate for the base stroke should be low (lower than stroke rate 24). Turning too slow on trunk.
Nice dynamic rowing becomes impossible. Higher stroke rate are not possible and cause a lot of speed loss.
Remedy ergo: Teach the rower to turn directly and actively on the trunk: see the exercise Trunk throwing. When there are two or more ergometers, rowing synchronous with the (rowing) coach/instructor. Ask the rower to synchronise the shoulders first and then the shoulders and handle with those of the coach/instructor.
Help the rower find the right rhythm with the exercise Trunk throwing. Then focus on the J-stroke where the handle(s) are accelerated from the catch to the rest point in the recovery at ¼ seat.
Feel the rhythm of the draw. Feel the abdominal muscles tighten in/before the first part of the recovery.
Listen to the sound of the draw, feel the rhythm of the boat.

General – Wiper stroke
General – Slouching

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