Crew – Sitting the boat

Practice: One or more rowers keep the boat in balance by laying the blades flat on the water. Sliding a little on the slide, makes it possible to place the handle on the thigh and the oar on the water. In a sweep four, two rowers always keep balance, in an eight two or four rowers keep balance. In a scull two or four it is often sufficient when one rower keeps balance.
Type: Classic exercise. This is actually not an exercise but supportive of another exercise when there is insufficient balance to perform it. To teach a crew balance, the exercises Lay side and Battle of the sides are more effective.
Purpose: This exercise ensures that the lack of balance does not interfere with an exercise. This allows the rowers to perform a specific exercise without experiencing balance disturbances. So only use sitting the boat when there are actual balance problems!
Focus: Pay attention to the riggers to see that the boat is level. Look at the blade to see if it's on the water. Feel the seat to see if the boat is level.
Variation: Let various rowers sitting the boat.

Crew – Stroke against crew
Crew – Battle of the sides

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