Rowing rigging

Inboard handle

Concept: Distance between the blade side of the collar and the end of the oar handle.
The Outboard handle is defined as the Oar length minus the Inboard handle.
Sizes: Measured in centimeters. Sweep oar: 106cm – 124cm Scull oar: 78cm – 95cm
+ Inboard handle longer, oar gets lighter.
Inboard handle shorter, oar gets heavier.
Measure: There are basically two ways to adjust the inboard handle:
1. by lengthening or shortening the oar, this only changes the inboard handle;
2. by moving the collar, this changes both the inboard and outboard handle.
The second method has about 50% more effect: when the collar is shifted 1cm, the oar has to be lengthened by 1.5cm, to get the same effect. 

Adjust: Adjusting the collar is done by loosening the clamping screw, adjusting the collar, and tightening the clamping screw again.

Oar length

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