rowing mistakes

General – Incorrect oarlock height

Mistake: The snap-on washers on the oarlock pin are not at the correct height and/or the boat is not properly rigged for the rower.
Observe: Put the rower in the finish position:
Trunk: see if the rower does not lay back too much or too little;
Blade: see if the blade(s) is/are fully covered;
Hands: Look if and where the hands touch the body. In sculling look at how far apart the hands are.
Cause: The rower has not learned how set to oarlock height properly or has forgotten it. The boat is not suited for the rower or rigged wrong.
The draw cannot be optimized, the rower cannot finish properly (too low) or pulls beyond his control (too high).
Move the snap-on washers up or down. If the oarlocks are too high, place the snap-on  washers above the oarlock. When they are too low, place the washers under the oarlock. The snap-on washers are most easily removed from the oarlock pin by pressing both outer ends with index and middle fingers, as shown in the last photo.
When sculling, the handles are drawn just below the nipples to the chest. In sweep rowing this applies to the outer hand.

General – Foot stretcher not set correctly
Finish – Washing out

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