rowing mistakes

Sweep – Leaning away from the rigger

Mistake: The rower does not go straight over the keelson with his body.
Observe: Shoulders and trunk: see that the rower does not keep his nose above the keelson, and swings back and forth or leans to one side during the stroke.
Cause: Wrongly taught or want to compensate for the imbalance in the boat.
Disturbance of the balance and no symmetrical draw. Back injuries.
Remedy: Ask rower to keep his nose above the keelson in front and lean level back behind. Differential approach to enlarge the movement space. Row a piece where the rower is asked to lean towards his rigger. Row a piece where the rower is asked to lean away from his rigger at the catch and towards his rigger at the finish. Ask the rower to lean to one side on the draw and to the other on the recovery.
Visually by staying with the nose above the keelson. Tactile by feeling the lateral movement in the waist.

Sweep – Straight inner arm
Sweep – Skying

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