rowing mistakes

Scull – Right handle to the hip

Mistake: The right handle drops at the finish to the hip and the initial away is done horizontally with no vertical movement. Also see: Hands.
Observe: Handles: look at the handle heights at the finish, the right handle is lower than the left handle and is at hip height.
Cause: Wrong mental image of the (ideal) stroke or nonchalance.
Boat is skewed and will gradually steer to stroke side due to the increased resistance on stroke side cused by a incorrect finish.
The exercise Single scull: finish variations in single scull or C1 will help to understand how a good finish- moving both handles exacly equal - contributes to balance. Teach the rower not to pull his right lever up, but to push it up. Then ask for five strokes to push the right lever to his shoulder, five strokes to his chest, and five strokes to his hip and back again (Differential approach).
Tactile by sticking the thumbs in the body at the finish. Feel with both thumbs at what height (hip, stomach or chest) the thumbs touch the body.

Scull – Hands apart
Scull – Wide-legged rowing

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