Finish – Single scull: finish variations

Practice: This exercise is performed in the single scull or C1. Have the rower row fixed seat and fixed trunk In sequence, ask him to perform one of the following variations. Always give him time to discover what is happening to the boat and ask the rower to row a piece where he:
1.  pulls the left handle to the hip at the finish
2.  pulls the right handle to the hip at the finish
3.  push the left handle deeper down at the finish
4.  push the right, handle deeper down at the finish
5.  push both hands down at different times.
Type: Motor exercise developed by Jeroen Brinkman. Uses differential learning (see Differential approach and Sensory training).
Purpose: Learn the effect of a sloppy finish on the boat 's balance. Learn how to level a boat at the finish
Focus: Pay attention to the handles, they must perform the correct variations. Check how the boat reacts to these variations.
Transfer: Then row a piece in which the rower imagines that he is sitting behind the kitchen table and the handle(s) slide over the blade of the kitchen table, so there should be no differences in height (analogy learning). Also the handles must move exactly the same! Optionally followed by a piece where the single scull is placed on bow-side on stoke side and level, see: To practiceLay side.

Finish - Practice finish hand depth
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