Tool – Reach straw

Practice: The reach straw can be used on all rowing boats to give the rower feedback on his reach before the catch. In the past straws were used, now a tie wrap is a better and more durable solution.
Purpose: Make longer strokes (individual) or make equal strokes (crew).
Type: Cybernetic tool.
Focus: Get visual feedback of the reach before the catch. When the straw is touched by hand, also tactile.

The used materials.

The reach straw mounted on the boat.

To make: Requirements: long (30cm) tie wraps, installation wire with a cross section of 2.5mm², and duct tape. These materials are for sale in the hardware store. Attach the tie wrap to the installation wire as shown in the photo. Attach the wire and tie wrap to the boat and see how it is easiest to attach. There are three possible options: on the gunwale (1), on the hull (2) and on the wing rigger (3). Bend the wire into a large U-shape, cut it and secure the U-shape in the wire with duct tape in place. Determine the right spot experimentally. Then use a tape measure to measure the distance of the straw and attachthe straw in the same place at the other rowing positions.

Wait for the video...
The reach straw in action

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Handle – Sweep rowing: inner hand detached

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