rowing mistakes

Recovery – No water-free recovery

Mistake: The rower's blade taps the water at random times. Touching the water has no structural character but is incidental in nature. Also see: Balance. If the boat  is level, consider the mistake Systematically tapping the water.
Observe: Blade: Look at the blades to see when they hit the water.
oarlocks: look at the oarlock to see that the boat not well balance.
Cause: Uncertainty: the boat is level, but the water is still being touched.
Lack of balance: insufficient leaning with the boat by fixing the hips (No core stability and balance).
Nonchalance. This mistake is part of the Sliding stroke.
Loss of speed due to blad drag and difficulty with choppy water.
Depending on the cause. In case of nonchalance ask the rower to not touch the water anymore. In case of a lack of balance in the boat, practice fixing the core stability (Balancing board). The exercise Single scull: finish variations in single scull or C1 will help to understand how a good finish contributes to the balance. In case of uncertainty, point out to the rower that the boat is level so touching the water is unnecessary. The exercise Number of strokes water-free can help.
Visually by seeing if one of the blades hits the water or wave crests, by ear the tap on the water will make a sound.
See if the rower's blade hits the water irregularly.

Recovery – Dive Flight
Recovery – Insufficient oarlock pressure

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