rowing mistakes

Recovery – Insufficient oarlock pressure

Mistake: The oar(s) is/are insufficiently pressed against the oarlock. This releases the oar collar from the oarlock at the catch and/or finish.
Observe: Oarlocks: watch the collar come off the oarlock, usually in the second part of the draw.
Cause: Not pushing the oar(s) out hard enough.
Problems with the balance (insufficient oarlock pressure at recovery) and the efficiency of the draw (insufficient oarlock pressure at the draw).
Check that the hands are properly on the oar(s). Differential approach by asking to keep the oar permanently detached from the collar and attached to the collar permanently. Alternate this.
Visually by looking at the collar. Auditory because you hear the collars of the oars tapping against the oarlocks.
The collar of a rower comes off the oarlock.

Recovery – No water-free recovery
Recovery – Late squaring

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