Recovery – Number of water-free recoveries

Practice: Count how many strokes can be made water-free in a row. When the water is hit during recovery, the counting starts again. Also see the mistakes: No water-free recoverySystematically tapping the water and No waterfree reovery for the crew.
Type: Cybernetic exercise.
Purpose: Become aware of water-free rowing. Get feedback on the extent to which the rower(s) can row water-free.
Focus: Watch or listen for the blade if it hits the water.
Transfer: Touching the water every time takes 1/10–1/20 second and that does not row economically. How economically do you row:  hitting the water every five strokes (1 on 5), or one hit every three strokes (1 on 3) or even 1 on 1? See if you can row 1 in 10 or more.

Finish – Feet out rowing 
Recovery – Squaring twice

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