Recovery – Squaring twice

Practice: Rowing with squaring and feathering twice during recovery.
Step 1: Rowing with squaring twice during the recover. Note that the first feathering should be done immediately after the finish and that the suaring/feathering should be done very regular: like a Swiss clock. So do not feather after the finish, feather/square in between and then square quickly again just before the catch.
Step 2: After this exercise, row a piece, starting with early (immediately after the finish) squaring. Then, in about five strokes the squaring will be later and later until just before the catch. After that, in about five strokes, squaring is done earlier and earlier until just after the finish. The rowers can arrange this themselves and it does not have to be synchronous. Keep repeating this, so that muscles learn that the moment of squaring can be determined by the rower himself.
Type: Stepwise Motor exercise. In muscle memory, separates the squaring from the catch. (Differential approach).
Purpose: Learning to square in time before the catch.
Focus: Note that immediately after the finish the first feathering must take place and that the feathering/squaring is done
rhythmic and regularly. So not after the finish a fast feathering and a fast squaring just before the catch.
Finally a piece of rowing with the focus on timely (above the shin) squaring.

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