rowing mistakes

Scull - Incorrect hand position

Mistake: The hands are not placed on the handles correctly. Also see: Hands. That could be one or more of the following mistakes:
1.  the wrists are bent upwards instead of straight;
2. the hands are not at the edge of the handles;
3. the thumbs are not bent around the end of the handles;
4. the left hand is not held in front of and above the right hand.
Observe: Wrists: look at the position of the wrists.
Hands: look at the hands to see which one is further away from the rower and if the hands are properly positioned on the handles.
Cause: Wrists: during the draw, the rower continues to hold the handle with the entire hand. Since the wrists can't make the downward angle right, the hands are repositioned just before the finish. When squaring again, the wrists are then turned upwards.
Hands: wrongly taught.
Wrist injury.
The rower should only hold the handles between the fingers and upper hand during the recovery and not with the palm of the hand. The palms are released from the handles recovery, the handles are then only held with the fingers. The tips of the fingers should be placed directly below the knuckles. Practice with the Handle simulator, in the Rowing bin or in the boathouse with two oars lying on either side of the rower in two slings.
Have the rower row with finger bandages, leukoplast or so-called "gel protectors" on the fingers. Instruct the rower that the handles should not be touched with the bare hand, but only with the strapped fingers.
Visually by looking at the position of hands. No white knuckles. Tactile by touching the handles only with the fingers.

Draw – Pull the trunk over the handle(s)
Scull – Handles apart

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