rowing mistakes

Draw – Pull the trunk over the handle(s) 

Mistake: In the last part of the draw, the trunk is pulled over the handle(s) instead of the handle towards the chest. Also see: Draw.
Observe: Hands and Trunk: Look at the last bit of drawing with the arms, the trunk folds closed instead of open.
Cause: Too little strength in the arms or insufficient fixation of the trunk. Or too much of a rush to get from draw to recovery.
Pressure and loss of speed in the last part of the draw.
Draw attention to underside of trunk. The instructor stands behind the rower and keeps the shoulders fixed with both hands, so that he cannot go forward (movement guidance).
pause 1 (Pause paddling) and the exercise Practice body over.
Bring the handle(s) towards your chest instead of moving your chest towards the handle(s).

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A rower who pulls the trunk over the handle (red) compared to a (blue) rower that does it right (

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Pull the trunk over the handle(s)

Draw – Too much lay-back
Scull - Incorrect hand position

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