rowing mistakes

Crew – Crew does not support the stroke

Mistake: The crew lets the stroke experience that they don't want to follow him in stroke rate or pressure increase (crew is hanging on the stroke). Instead of a crew who supports the stroke and thereby indicates that they are willing and able to follow the stroke and increase pressure and/or stroke rate (crew is supporting the stroke).
Observe: Blades: look at the evenness of the catch to see if the team is not lagging behind in the recovery.
Blades: look at the evenness of the finish to see if the crew is not lagging behind in the draw.
Cause: Fatigue or insufficient understanding of the importance of following a stroke. Not being able to shorten the draw before the catch, so that the rower is able to follow when tired.
The stroke needs 5-6 strokes to increase the stroke rate and only 1-2 strokes to decrease. The stroke gets very tired and can no longer row the stroke rate he wants. The stroke does not control the stroke rate, pressure and rhythm of the crew, but the crew does.
The exercises: Stroke against crew, Rating training and Stroke rate variation. It is good practice that the stroke increases the stroke rate by two when he notices that the crew is hanging. This prevents the crew from being rewarded for the hanging. Use the exercise Practice body over to teach rowers how to shorten before the catch.
Visually, the stroke rate doesn't go up easily. The stroke rower feels this phenomenon very well.
Communication from the stroke to the coxswain.

Crew – No water-free recovery

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