Conditional – Rating training

Practice: Choose a stroke rate, preferably 28/30 or higher. Have the crew row 5 strokes light, 5 strokes medium, 5 strokes strong, 5 strokes medium, 5 strokes light, etc. The stroke rate remains the same. There should be a contrast in the stroke between draw and recovery. To keep the stroke rate fixed for the light strokes: initial away and trunk rotation must be performed extra quickly. With the strong strokes, the stroke rate also be derived from the speed of the draw. If necessary similarity can be achieved by shortening the draw by bending the trunk less far.
Purpose: Crew experience what it is like to make the stroke rate leading and adjust the stroke accordingly. Learn to shorten the trunk rotation before the catch as needed to be able to follow the crew.
Focus: Pay attention to the blade of the stroke and make sure you have are exactly the same stroke. Shorten your draw if your finish is late. Make a faster trunk rotation and initial away, when your sliding is too fast or you catches too late.
Variation: Three series at stroke rate 30, three series at stroke rate 32, three series at 34 and then back to 30.

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Medium stroke (1), strong stroke (2) and light stroke (1)

Conditional – Increasing pressure piece
Conditional – Stroke rate variation

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