Conditional – Stroke rate variation

Practice: Choose a minimum and maximum stroke rate and increase the stroke rate by two every ten strokes. For example, ten strokes stroke rate 22, ten strokes stroke rate 24 up to ten strokes stroke rate 30. For this exercise it is necessary that the coxswain and/or the stroke has a stroke rate app or cox box/mate.
Purpose: Improve fitness and similarity.
Focus: Pay attention to the handle(s) and let them accelerate to the resting point. Feel your lower back and make sure it turns immediately after the finish. Look at the blade (s) of the stroke and mimic it so closely that it looks like it's your own blade(s) is/are moving.
Variation: Build up the stroke rate and then decrease it again (see also pyramid training). Look where the maximum stroke rate is that the crew could archieve. Then practice Trunk throwingLightening hands and Reverse ratio rowing and repeat the exercise. See how high the maximum stroke rate is now.

Conditional – Rating training

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