Finish – Squared blade(s)

Practice: Row without squaring the blade(s). When used in a crew if necessary (insufficient balance) combine with Sitting the boat.
Purpose: Achieve clean and round finish. Avoid turning out the blades.
Type: Classic exercise. Has an inherently poor transfer (also see Motor coaching). Better exercises are Chopping finish and Practice finish hand depth.
Focus: Feel the handle(s) making a vertical downward movement or look at the blade to see how the blade extends upright.
Transfer: Alternate (one stroke with and one draw without) feathering and squaring. This facilitates the transfer of the deep initial away from a squared draw to the normal draw. On the normal draw, the handle(s) need to follow the same path as on the draw with squared blades. When listened to, both finishes sound the same.

Finish – Chopping finish
Finish – Practice finish hand depth

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