Finish – Practice finish hand depth

Practice: This is an exercise to learn that the finish hand depth in the finish can be varied and the amount of downward movement is a choice. Make three strokes:
1.  and turn out the blades (See: Turn out);
2.  with a (normal) pushed out finish;
3.  with a pushed out finish where the lap is touched with the hands;
If three strokes are experienced as too uneasy, use five strokes. To be able to perform this exercise successfully, it is important that you draw to the chest at the correct height. For that, the exercise Practice finish hand height can be used.
Type: Motor exercise developed by Jeroen Brinkman. Uses a Differential approach.
Purpose: Good teaching of the J-stroke with deep initial away. See Finish.
Focus: Pay attention to the movement of the handle, how it goes down and whether it touches the lap Look at the blade to see how far the blade rises above the water at the finish.
Transfer: Ask the rower to row a piece and where a lying J with the handles ("”) is made (the J-stroke).
Variation: Ask each rower draw the handles at breast height (high) and after each finish touch the lap with the hands.

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Practice finish hand depth: turn out (1), normal finish (2), touch the lap (3)

Finish – Squared blade(s)
Finish – Single sculling: finish variations

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