Finish – Chopping finish

Practice: The exercise consists of the following steps, only when a step is successful, the next step is taken.
Step 1: Chop three times. Sit at the finish, arms only (fixed slide and trunk), and hold the blades vertically and gently move up and down, maintaining balance. So the blades come above the water every time.
Step 2: Chop three times followed by a initial away. The arms are not only moved downwards but also forwards and the blades are turned (fixed slide and fixed trunk). Be sure the handle(s) first move down and then feather and move away from the trunk.
Step 3: Chop three times followed one full draw with initial away. So stop at ¼ seat (see pause 4 in Pause paddling) and then hold. The aim is to let the finish and initial away before the draw and after the draw be exactly the same. Coach on this aim. Repeat this step until the handle(s) is/are pressed down every time.
Step 4: Like step 3 but with two strokes instead of one stroke.
Step 5: Like step 3 but with as many good strokes as possible. (Let the cox) count how many strokes go right and try to beat the previous record. When the handle(s) is/are not longer pressed down, stop the boat and start again.
Type: Motor exercise developed by Jeroen Brinkman. Emphasises the transfer from the exercise to the normal stroke. (Also see Motor coaching.)
Purpose: Learn to make a proper finish and initial away.
Focus: Pay attention to the handle(s), which must first be moved downwards and only then forwards. So a vertical movement followed by a horizontal one. When sculling, make sure both hands/handles are moved exactly the same. If this is not the case or not sure, extend both thumbs and put both thumb tips against each other when chopping. Feel how they are (not) touching each other.
Transfer: Ask the rower(s) to write a horizontal J with the handle(s) (J-stroke) where the handle(s) is/are brought from the catch to above the knees in a lying .
Step 1: three strokes chopping – make an “I” with the handle(s)
Step 2: three strokes chopping with initial away - make a standing “J” with the handle(s).
Step 3: rowing three strokes arms only (fixed seat, fixed trunk) – make a “Ɔ” with the handle(s)
Step 4: three strokes a full stroke – make a lying ”” with the handle(s).

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The first three steps of Chopping finish

Handle – Finger exercises
Finish – Squared blade(s)

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