Rowing dictionary – L


A motorboat used by rowing instructors, coaches or umpires. Referred to as a "coach boat" in Canada.

Lay side

Exercise in which the boat alternately and controlled is tilted to the stroke and bow side. Main article: Lay side.


What the rowers have when they sit with their legs flat and lean towards the bow of the boat with their body.

Leaning away from the rigger

Mistake for sweep rowers where the rower moves his trunk to the left and to the right during the stroke. Main article: Leaning away from the rigger.

Leg drive

Power applied to the stroke, at the catch, by the force of driving the legs down.


Length of stroke- the arc through which the blade turns when it is in the water from catch to finish.

Lengthening out

Exercise where the draw is made longer and longer. Main article: Lengthening out.


The boat is horizontal on the water, i.e. both oarlocks are the same distance from the water. Main article: Balance.

Lightening hands

Exercise in which the arms are extended extremely fast. Main article: Lightening hands.


A rower whose weight allows them to be eligible to compete in lightweight rowing events.


The ropes held by the coxswain to control the rudder.

Lock (of the blade)

The difference between the speed of the blade and the speed of the water. Also see: Catch.

Loom (shaft)

The part of the oar between the blade and the handle.

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