Control – Lengthening the draw

Practice: Lengthening the draw gradually. Start with fixed trunk, fixed seat (arms only). Then step by step lengthen the stroke via: body over to ¼ seat (knees rise 5cm), ½ seat (lower and upper legs make a right angle), ¾ seat (heels come off the foot stretcher) to the full rowing stroke. About ten strokes per stage. If it goes well, less strokes (five or three strokes a time) may be used.
Type: Classic exercise. The exercise Dynamic lengthening appears to be more effective than this exercise and is therefore preferred.
Purpose: Getting the crew to draw equally. Practice the order of the initial away (trunk & arms then legs).
Focus: Pay attention to moving your own blade(s) exactly in sync with those of the stroke. Synchronise the catch and finish by seeing or hearing similarity. Feel the moment the sliding towards the catch of the crew starts, with your feet.
Variation: Shorten the stroke again in the same way but in reverse.
Let the rower(s) decide for themselves when it goes well enough to lengthen.

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Lengthening the draw

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