rowing mistakes

Draw – Overstretching the legs

Mistake: The legs are not kicked out in a relaxed bent, but are kicked completely flat and “locked”. Also see: Draw.
Observe: Legs: Watch the legs being overstretched in the last part of the draw.
Rowing machine: see how the Rowing machine slowly moves forward due to this phenomenon.
Cause: A fast hard leg kick, combined with insufficient muscle control. A trunk that is not bent open enough quickly and therefore insufficiently brakes the leg kick.
Before legs can be bent, they must first be released from the “lock” by slightly bending them. In this case, the seat does not move forward, causing the rower to lag behind the crew in the recovery.
Sit next to the rowing machine. When the rower is in ¾ seat during the draw, place your arm under the rower's bent knees and place it on the Rowing machine beam. This prevents him from kicking his legs flat. When the rower is about half way sliding during recovery, take the arm away again. Do this with every draw.
Make pause 1 (Pause paddling) with relaxed legs. Lengthening out with relaxed legs. Pimenov draw without kicking the legs flat.
Visually by looking at the knees. Tactile by feeling the extension of the legs in the back of the knee.

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Overstretching the legs (red) compared with a (blue) proper leg use (

Draw – Seesawing of the blade
Draw – Draw not finished

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