rowing mistakes

General – Foot stretcher not set correctly

Mistake: The foot stretcher is not positioned correctly.
Observe: Hands: When sculling at the finish look at the space between the hands, they should be at "ten to two".
Handle: in sweep rowing at the catch at the distance between hands and backstay/or wing rigger.
Oars: look at the parallelism of the oars crew.
Cause: The rower has not learned how to foot stretcher the foot stretcher properly or has forgotten it.
The draw cannot be optimised, the finish is difficult.
Remedy: move the foot stretcher: when there is too much space at the finish it should be moved away from you. In sculling the foot stretcher is well placed, when you can keep a fist between the handles and your stomach with the handle ends placed against each other. In sweep rowing, the foot stretcher is well placed, when it is as far forward as possible.
In sculling, the hands can be pulled beyond the trunk but only when the torso is slightly touched. In sweep rowing, the oar should pass the backstay or wing rigger at the catch.

General – Badly looking back
General – Incorrect oarlock height

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