rowing mistakes

General – Slouching

Mistake: Squat down in the boat (cat's back) and/or let the head hang down.
Observe: Spine: check if it is straight.
Shoulders: see if they are tucked up.
Head: see if this is bent over.
Possible cramping. Airways in the throat are blocked, causing insufficient breathing. Back pain due to incorrect load.
Remedy: Ask the rower to stretch the back and sit upright. Preferably use a video-recording or a mirror. Have the rower alternately extend and flex his trunk. Then have the rower row while making himself as small and as long as possible (Differential approach). Finally let the rower row with a proper position of the trunk.
Tactile on the posture. In crews by looking at the head of the rower before you, which raises the head.

Wait for the video...
A rower who is sloutching (red) compared to a (blue) rower that does it right (

General – Apple pie with whipped cream syndrome
General – Spine movement

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