Draw – Vary blade height

Practice: This exercise consists of a number of steps, proceed to the next step only when the current step is well mastered.
Step 1: Ask the rower to row a piece with half blades only, where the top half of the blade is permanently visible. Let him look at his blades.
Step 2: In sequence, ask the rower to make three strokes with half-covered blade (half of the blade is visible), three strokes with full-covered blade (a small top edge of the blade is just visible), and three strokes with the shaft of the oar submerged halfway. And then back through full-covered to half-covered blade.
Step 3: Ask the rower to focus on the handle(s) and catch to finish in a u-shape rather than an n-shape (analogy learning). So not with a bend at the top ("") but with a bend at the bottom ("). So after the catch (full covered blade), the middle segment with half covered blade and finally end with a full covered blade again.
Type: Stepwise Motor exercise developed by Jeroen Brinkman. Uses differential learning.
Purpose: Unlearning Digging deep.
Focus: Look at the blade and shaft of the oar and see how much they are under water.
Transfer: Ask the rower to row with a regular stroke where the blade edge is just visible during the draw.
Variation: Do the same during the recovery with the exercise Blade trail variations.

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