Handle – Finger exercises

Practice: Three variations of finger exercises are possible, namely during the recovery:
1.  stretch the fingers, so that the handle lies in the hand detachedly;
2.  play the piano with your fingers;
3.  clamp the handle with the fingers only, without using the flat part of the hand: it remains separate from the handle.
Type: Classic exercise.
Purpose: Promote a loose grip on the handle, without squeezing the handles. To ensure that the fingers are placed on the handle well and that the handle is held only with the end of the hand and not the handpalm. Also see: Hands.
Focus: Pay attention to the relaxed grip with the hands.
Variation: Drawing into the chest with so-called cat's claws, where the handle lies in curved fingers.

Handle – Sweep rowing: outer hand detached
Finish – Chopping finish

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