Rowing rigging

Foot stretcher angle

Concept: Angle of the foot stretcher in relation to the vertical, in the longitudinal direction of the boat.
Sizes: Measured in degrees: 35°–45° from the horizontal.
Effect: The foot stretcher angle has minimal effect on boat speed, only on rower comfort.

Measure: Using a pitch meter. Angle meters with a weight in them, measure in relation to the vertical (see picture below). In that case the foot stretcher angle: 90°– the measured angle.

foot angle
Measuring the foot stretcher angle.

Adjust: Many foot stretchers have a provision with a wing nut whereby the lower attachment point can be adjusted away from the rower (the foot stretchers becomes steeper) and toward the rower (the foot stretchers becomes flatter). The exact mechanism varies per foot stretchers.

Distance behind the work
Heel depth

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