Rowing rigging

Slide length

Concept: The effective length of the tracks, or the length that the seat can slide.
Sizes: Measured in centimeters: 60cm–90cm
Effect: The longer the tracks, the longer the stroke that can potentially be made. The actual slide length depends on the leg length of the rower.
Measure: Using a tape measure. Place the seat against the front stops. Mark (for example with a piece of tape) the position of the front of the seat. Then drive the seat all the way back against the back stops. Then measure the distance between the tape and the front of the seat.

Single (l) and double action (r) seates

Adjust: Cannot be adjusted and is determined at the time the boat is built. However, it is possible to replace a single action with a double action seat and thereby increase the effective length of the slide. Usually shorter and sometimes longer slidings be placed in the boat. 

Heel depth
Track slope

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