Rowing rigging

Distance behind the work

Concept: The distance measured in the length of the boat between the center of the oarlock pin and the back of the seat when the rower is sitting with his legs pushed out. The distance behind the work through is determined by the rower's leg length, the position of the foot stretcher and the oarlock position. This allows the angles of entry and finish be determined.
Sizes: Measured in centimeters: 60 cm–67 cm
+ More behind the work through gives a lighter catch and a heavier finish.
Less behind the work through gives a heavier catch and a lighter finish.
Measure: In centimeters with a tape measure and a strip of adhesive tape. The centimeter scale is made on a strip of adhesive tape with a marker (for example from 60cm to 70cm).  This strip of adhesive tape is then stuck in the correct position using a tape measure. When the rower sits with legs kicked out, then he can then easily see how much he is behind the work. On the page Distance throug the work can be found how the center position of the oarlock pin can be marked on the boat. 

work through

Adjust: Via wing nuts under the tracks, in conjunction with the foot stretcher. The position is set by moving the foot stretcher forwards or backwards, or – if the boat allows it – the oarlock forwards or backwards.

Distance through the work
Foot stretcher angle

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