Handle – Sweep rowing: inner hand detached

Practice: In sweep rowing, the rower places the inner hand (the hand closest to the oarlock) sideways on the trunk. Squaring has suddenly become a lot more difficult. This is because in sweep rowing rotating the blade is done with the inner hand. It is therefore useful to combine this with rowing with Squared blades and if balance is missing Sitting the boat.
Type: Classic exercise.
Purpose: Emphasising the turning function of the inner hand and steering the blade with the outer hand.
Focus: During the recovery at the blade to see what the exercise does to the position of the blade above the water. Feel that squaring the blade with the outer hand is not really easy.
Variation: Place the inner hand close to the oarlock on the oar. As a result, both hands are wide apart. And gradually bring it back to its normal position.

Tool – Balancing board
Handle – Sweep rowing: outer hand detached

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