Crew – Battle of the sides (sweep rowing)

Practice: With a command from the coxswain or bow, the stroke-side rowers attempt to tilt the boat on bow-side in five strokes. Also see Balance.The bow-side rowers try to counter this and keep the boat level. If stroke-side succeeds in tilting the boat, then stroke-side scores a point, otherwise bow-side. First, use the Lay side to learn how to rotate a boat. Alternate this with the four possible combinations: (1) stroke-side lays on bow-side, (2) stroke-side lays on stroke-side, (3) bow-side lays on stroke-side and (4) bow-side lays on bow-side.
Type: Cybernetic exercise developed by Jeroen Brinkman. This is because the rowers' sensory and motorial systems are trained.
Purpose: Learn to keep the boat level.
Focus: Focus on the handle and determine on draw and recovery how high it needs to be in order to keep the boat level. Look at the riggers to see if the boat is (not) level.
Transfer: The coxswain introduces a balance disturbance by throwing the trunk aside. The crew immediately levels the boat.
Variation: Instead of working through the four possibilities sequentially, they alternate randomly. Instead of five strokes, use three strokes, two strokes, one stroke or any number of strokes.
In pairs, fours and some eights, one or more rowers may be asked to each make balance disturbances with their oar instead of the whole side. The rower who first manages to get the boat two strokes on a side calls "Bingo" and scores a point.

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