Conditional – Doing pyramids

Practice: Row one minute strong pressure followed by one minute rest (light pressure), then row two minutes strong and two minutes rest, three minutes strong and three minutes rest, two minutes strong and two minutes rest, one minute strong and one minute rest. This training form is called doing pyramids because the intensity is built up in a pyramid shape and then reduced again. Increasing and decreasing the tempo is the most important means here.
Purpose: Improve condition. Learn to row with different intensity: adapt your pressure to the time that is rowed with strong pressure strokes.
Focus: Focus on rowing with the right intensity, for example by paying attention to your breathing. Look at the blade(s) of the stroke and mimic it so closely that it looks like it's your own blade(s) moving.
Variation: Vary the duration of the steps. Instead of time, the duration can also be specified in distance or number of strokes.

Conditional – Power variation
Conditional – Increasing pressure piece

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