Crew – Adding rowers

Practice: Start with one rower (sculling) rowing or two rowers (sweep rowing) rowing with strong pressure. The other rowers are Sitting the boat. Then add one rower (sculling) or a pair of rowers (sweep rowing) and let them row along. Can start from the bow or from the stroke.
Type: Classic exercise.
Purpose: Make the crew feel what increasing boat speed does to the rowing stroke. At first the draw feels heavy and slow and it gets faster and lighter.
Focus: Focus on the hands and feel the handle pull on the hands. Feel how the handle(s) moves faster as more rowers row along.
Variation: Have all rowers rowing light pressure and add one rower (sculling) or a pair of rowers (sweep rowing) rowing with a strong draw.

Control – Lightening hands
Crew – Drifting stroke

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