Rowing rigging


Concept: Space between the support surface of the oarlock (this is the horizontal part of the oarlock in which the oar rests) and the water surface, measured vertical when the boat is exactly level.
Sizes: Measured in centimeters: 22cm–26cm.
+ The higher the free-oarlock, the easier the blades can move above the water.
The lower the Free-oarlock, the more difficult the blades can move above the water.
Measure: Use a spirit level and a carpenters square with a centimater scale on it. Position the boat with the rowers near the pontoon. Place the spirit level on the gunwales and have the rowers keep the boat level with their oars. Measure the free-swivel with the carpenters square, holding the short side against the surface of the water.
Adjust: The free-oarlock is determined by the boat volume, the weight of the crew and the oarlock height. Can be adjusted through the Oarlock height.

Freeboard and free-swivel

Seat height

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