Rowing rigging

Rigger position

Concept: Position of the oarlock pin in relation to the rowing position given by the distance from the oarlock pin center to the farthest end of the foot stretcher track. In the past, the distance between the oarlock center and the center of the main rib was used for this purpose, but due to the rib-less boat construction, this is no longer possible.
Sizes: Measured in centimeters
+ The greater the distance, the less the rower has the opportunity to choose a position through the work.
The smaller the distance, the more the rower can adjust his position through or behind the work.
Measure: Using a tape measure. Measure the distance between the front of the foot stretcher track and the center position of the oarlock pin as marked on the boat. On the page Distance throug the work can be found how the center position of the oarlock pin can be marked on the boat. 

The rigger position

Adjust: This cannot be set with classic riggers, because it is determined during the construction of the rigger. With wing riggers this can be set by placing the wing rigger at a different position on the gunwales. This is an important tool for Trimming a boat.

Track slope
Position length

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