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Oarlock pitch 

Concept: Angle of the vertical oarlock surface relative to the vertical, measured in the sternward direction of the boat. Pay attention to: the forward oarlock angle is therefore always the sum of the oarlock pin pitch and the oarlock pitch. The sternward oarlock angle is adjusted in such a way that the blade searches the surface (i.e. not digging).
Sizes: Measured in degrees. Forward oarlock pitch: 3°– 7° assuming an Oar pitch of 0°.
+ Forward, the blade has a tendency to skip.
Backwards, the blade tends to be digging deep.
Measure: Use the inclino/angle/pitch meter to measure in degrees. Calibrate the meter by placing the meter on the gunwales or on the deck (note: calibration on the deck is only possible if the deck is parallel to the gunwales), always in the direction in which the measurement will be taken. Set the digital meter to zero. Or turn the spirit level of the analog meter so that it is exactly between the two lines. The meter is now calibrated. Place the gauge against the oarlock and measure the angle. Measure the angle on the analog meter – by tilting the measuring plate until the air bubble is again between the lines – and read the number of degrees.

forward oarlock angle
On the left the calibration of the dorsal angle meter, on the right the measurement of the forward oarlock angle.

Adjust: Use the blue bushings to set the oarlock pitch. Pay attention to: there are different bushings in use for each oarlock pin thickness. The blue bushings for sweep oarlocks are therefore different from those for scull oarlocks. Each bushing (except the 4/4) can be used in two ways: for example, the adjusting sleeve 2/6 can be used for both six and two degrees. The number of degrees can be found on the bushing. Place two identical bushes in opposite direction under and above the oarlock. If a half degree is needed, replace one of the bushings with a successive bushing. For example, bushing 2/6 above, combined with 5/3 below gives 5.5 degrees on the oarlock.

On the left the blue bushes, on the right the application thereof.

Outward angle oarlock pin
Oar pitch

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