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Oar pitch

Concept: The difference in degrees between the abutment face of the oar and the blade.
Sizes: Measured in degrees. The default pitch of the blade is specified by the supplier. This is preferable 0°. Some Concept 2 oars, need an pitch of -3° to be easily interchangeable with other oars.
+ Forward, the blade has a tendency to skip.
Backwards, the blade tends to be digging deep.
Measure: Using a measurement setup and inclino/angle/pitch meter. The oar is placed on two blocks of wood. One under the blade - at 6cm from the edge - and one under the sleeve. The block of wood under the blade should be perpendicular to the oar shaft.  Calibrate the meter by placing it on flat part of the oar sleeve and calibrate in the direction you are going to measure. Set the digital meter to zero. Rotate the spirit level of the analog meter so that it is exactly between the two lines. The meter is now calibrated. The oar angle can then be measured on the wooden block under the blade. Finally write the oar pitch on the sleeve with a marker, so that it does not have to be measured again.
Adjust: The pitch of the blade can only be set when gluing the sleeve to the oar.

pitch of the blade
Measuring the pitch of the blade

Oarlock pitch 
Blade pitch

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