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Oar balance point

Concept: Center of gravity of the oar equals the inboard distance to the balance point as a percentage of the total length. Is (not often) used to match (wooden) sculls into pairs. 
Sizes: Measured in percentage: 46% –48%
Effect: Mainly done to check whether two or more oars fit together. When the Oar stiffness, the Oar balance point, the Oar length and Oar weight are nearly equal, the oars match. 
Measure: Set the oar - if required - to its maximum length. Place the oar on a sharp edge. Shift the oar from side to side until the oar is balanced. Mark this position with a marker or piece of tape. Then measure the distance from the end of the handle to the mark. The oar balance point is now calculated as follows: Oar balance point = measured length/total length * 100%
Adjust: Is not adapted.

Measuring the oar balance point

Boat stiffness
Oar stiffness

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