Common – The grandstand stroke

Practice: When you row on a racecourse, after the finish line, you will do your post-race recovery rowing to the start again. This lane that runs right in front of the grandstand, where everyone in the stands is naturally watching you. Then you do your best to make the best stroke you got: the grandstand stroke.
After the instructor/coach has given a number of improvement exercises in a training session, all these improvements can be combined in this grandstand stroke. So explain the origin of this name to the rowers. Also make them aware of the possibilities of Simultaneous Learning so that they are well equiped to carry it out.
Type: Motor exercise developed by Rik Bosman.
Purpose: To get an improved rowing movement in muscle memory. Because the rowing movement you do most often enters muscle memory. When you make the improved rowing movement less than 50% of the time, the old movement remains dominant in muscle memory. So you will have to make the good rowing movement preferably more than 70%, preferably 90% of the time to change the movement stored in muscle memory.
Variation: Also see the Technical realisation training.

Means – Rowing machine

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