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Simultaneous learning

A (new) rowing movement is learned in three steps, as shown in the figure below.



In the first step, the rower does not yet master the technique. To ensure that the rower takes a first step, an Oplossing aanbiedenintervention is made by the coach/instructor.


Transferring is the activity of transferring what is learned in the exercise to the regular rowing stroke. Normally, this is done by taking the focus (what should the rower pay attention to when performing an exercise) to the regular stroke. For each exercise this focus is given. Some exercises require a specific transfer which is also described.

Simultaneous learning

If the rower is able to pay attention to several technical focal points at the same time, this gives a much greater progression. Those technical focal points are called aspects of the rowing stroke below. Sometimes it seems difficult when a large number of instructions have been given, to put them all into practice. Fortunately, there are three different ways to do this.

Mantra (cyclic)
Each aspects belongs to a specific position in the stroke. By putting these aspects in the right order and repeating the aspects in your mind at the right positions in the stroke, a "cyclic thought" can be created. In this way, it is possible to pay attention to two to three aspects seemingly at the same time.
Each stroke aspect 1, aspect 2 en aspect 3 with the help of a mantra or cyclic thought.

In the second way, the different aspects are considered in turn.
One stroke aspect 1, one stroke  aspect 2, one stroke  aspect 3, one stroke all three.

In the third way, you start with one aspect related to the finish and from that point you build up and - when and as long as it goes well - add one aspect.
First aspect 1, when and as long as that goes well take one new aspect.

Leave it to the rower which method he or she prefers. Start with two aspects, because then the rower learns twice as fast. Later, choose to give attention to three or possibly more aspects.

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