Control – Getting ready at the finish

Practice: Instead of getting ready at the catch, the crew gets ready at the finish. This exercise only has an effect if it is performed often and on a regular base. Fully cover the blades and level the boat. Then on the command “Attention-and-go” push the blades out vertically, followed by an initial away and slowly slide towards the catch. If the boat falls, stop rowing, stop the boat and start again.
If the blades are not fully covered, the rower(s) are not drawing high enough. When the scullboot is skewed, is this an indication that the handles are not close enough to each other, or the right handle is held lower than necessary at the finish. If a sweep boat falls over a side during sliding, this is an indication that that side is not pushing the handle deep enough.
Type: Cybernetic exercise.
Purpose: Determine finish hand height of the handles. Teach equal and equally deep finish hand depth: the boat must not fall after “go”. Learn to slide towards the catch equally.
Focus: When sitting ready: look at the blades and feel if the handle(s) are high enough to keep the blade(s) fully covered. Prick the chest with the thumbs (sculling) to feel the correct height. Watch the riggers to see if the boat is level.
After the "go": feel if the boat stays level. Watch and/or listen if the blades come out of the water straight and clean.

Control – Rowing with emphasising
Control – Pause paddling(easy all)

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