Rowing rigging

Spread (sweep rowing)

Concept: The distance from the centerline of the boat to the center of the oarlock pin
Sizes: Measured in centimeters: 83cm–90cm
+ Overshoot and stroke length become smaller, catch becomes more difficult because lighter.
Overshoot and stroke lengthe get bigger, catch gets easier because heavier.

Assuming an unchanged hand position, a smaller catch angle is achieved with a larger spread. In the same way, the finish angle is also smaller. In short, the stroke length is shorter.

Measure: Use a tape measure. This distance is measured in two parts. First of all, the width of the boat is measured at the relevant rowing position. At the top of the gunwales from outer edge stroke side to the outer edge bow side. Half of this number is the distance from the outer edge of the boat to the centerline of the boat. Then the distance from the outer edge to the centerline to the oarlock pin is measured. Adding both numbers together gives the spread.
A quicker way is to find the measurement of the half boat width on the tape measure and align this position with the outer edge of the gunwale. Then the spread can be measured in one go.
Adjust: Shift the two oarlocks outwards or inwards. The method differs per type of oarlock. The most common oarlock can be adjusted,  with a wrench 19 fixing the oarlock pin and a bahco loosening the bolt. Always check the span by measuring the distance between the bottom of the oarlock pin and the gunwale. A deviation of 1 to 2 millimeters is acceptable.

Span (sculling)
Overlap (sculling)

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