Rowing rigging

Minimum oarlock height

Concept: The lowest possible height at which the oarlocks can be set, defined in the same way as the actual oarlock height.
Sizes: Measured in centimeters: 13cm–15cm.
Measure: Is not measured but calculated. Reduce the actual oarlock height with the number of black washers under the oarlock (calculate 2.5mm per washer), snap washers under the oarlock (calculate 7mm per washer) and the number of aluminium washers above the rigger (calculate 3mm per washer). In addition, the possibility of lowering the rigger as a whole must be taken into account. This height effect must also be subtracted from the actual oarlock height.
Adjust: There are a number of ways to set the minimum oarlock height:
1.  All washers or shims under the wing rigger must be removed.
2. All aluminium washers at the oarlock pin on top of the rigger must be moved below the rigger.
3. The classic riggers should be mounted on the top adjustment holes. The rigger wedges are removed or mounted with the fat side up (this also changes the Outward angle oarlock pin.)
4. Under the wing riggers, the spacer rings and spacer blocks are removed.

Oarlock height
Stern pitch oarlock pin

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