rowing mistakes

Sweep – Hands placed incorrect

Mistake: The hands are not placed correctly on the handle. That is, the distance between the hands is not equal to the shoulder width. Also see: Hands.
Observe: Hands: Look at the distance between the hands.
Cause: Wrongly taught.
Wrist injury.
Remedy: During recovery, the rower should only hold the oar with the fingers and not with the palm. The outer hand keeps the boat level, the inner hand rotates the oar. Place a piece of cut pipe insulation between the hands on the handle so that the rower cannot move his hands together too much. Or place a piece of pipe insulation on the oar between the inner hand and the oarlock, to prevent the rower from shift the hand too far towards the oarlock.
Visually by looking at the hands.

Scull – Skying
Sweep – Straight inner arm

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