Roeicalculator Erg to boat speed

Use this calculator to forecast the theoretically achievable boat speed based on ergometer results.

1. Ergo split*: (mm:ss.hh)
2. Boat:  
3. Distance: (meter)
1. Factor: (f.fff)

2. Boat split: (mm:ss.hh)
3. Time: (uu:mm:ss.hh)
4. Speed: (km/uur)
5. Speed: (m/sec)

Roeicalculator Boat speed to erg split

Use this calculator to calculate the theoretically achievable ergometer results based on a boat speed corrected for the influences.

1. Boat split*: (mm:ss.hh)
2. Boat*:  
3. Distance: (meter)

4. Current: (km/u)
  or: (m/s)
5. Water temp: (˚C)
6. Wind: (bft)
Corrected for influences:
1. Split: (mm:ss.hh)
2. Factor: (f.fff)

3. Factor: (f.fff)
4. Split: (mm:ss.hh)
5. Time: (hr:mm:ss.hh)

Calculation of own correction factor

Use this calculator to calculate your own ergo-to-boat speed correction factor.

1. Ergo split*: (mm:ss.hh)
2. 1x split*: (mm:ss.hh)
1. Factor: (f.fff)

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