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Knowing the rowing stroke

 A stroke model is an ideal (cognitive) model that describes the rowing stroke. It is important that rower and coach/instructor have the same ideas for the rowing stroke that must be archieved. This stroke is described in detail in de De aanpakthe rowing stroke. Such a explicite defined stroke model is then translated by the rower and coach/instructor into a kind of personal mental rowingfilm. This is the (mental) stroke perception.

Instruction is done by a coach/instructor based on the mental stroke perception. Based on the differences between the observed rowing stroke and that mental stroke perception, the stroke is analyzed. It is therefore important for the coach/instructor to have a mental stroke image that matches the stroke model well. Finally, it is important that he can properly demonstrate this rowing stroke.

When the rower is not taught an explicit stroke model, the rower  will make his own model. When this model differs from that of the instructor, the rower teaches himself a self-conceived stroke. And it is certainly not said that this is the right one! In that case, the instructor spends a lot of time trying to unlearn that self-invented stroke and teach the proper rowing motion. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to explicitly transferring the correct rowing motion to the rowers. Ideally, stroke model, stroke perception and actual stroke of coaches/instructors and rowers correspond completely.

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